Earth News

Contains recent news updates since 8/1/21.

Season 3 News

Update S3 1.8.1 - Fixes

- Deep Dark dimension has been reenabled.

- The End no longer requires you to complete quests to gain access, but makes you still pay 1,000 tokens each visit.

- /tags functionality has been fixed

- Health number on Tab has been fixed.

Update S3 1.8 - Server Update

- Earth has been updated to version 1.18.1

- Deep Dark dimension has been temporarily disabled due to the plugin being out of date.

- Extra blocks beneath y=0 have been generated down to y=-64 with new caves. No towns were harmed.

- Resource world has been updated with new 1.18 terrain. There is a spawn protection.

Update S3 1.7 - Shop Additions and Duels

- Readded many things to the shop, like concrete, bricks, and the redstone section. (/shop)

- Readded the long awaited Duels plugin. (/duel)

- Added prices to ranks when not available or already unlocked. (/ranks)

- Blackstone added to the shop.

- Extended the length of time between in-game announcements from 4 minutes to 6.

Update S3 1.6.1 - Addons

- Updated spawn to a wintery theme, built by xEchoes and Coixi (NOT CHRISTMAS YET.)

- The 9th hotbar slot has been designated as the menu button slot where a permanent menu item has been placed there.

- The Bartender has also been updated.

Update S3 1.6 - Revival Part 2

- Added Prestiges after obtaining rank Deity. These will function as ranks, not resets. (/prestige or /prestiges)

- Added a main menu (/menu)

- Added a main Towny menu (/twm)

- Lowered Rank prices from their prices before Update S3 1.5

- /n leave has been reenabled

- Different types of coral have been added to shop since there are none in the oceans. (/shop)

- Added tfly for prestige Delta (/tfly)

- Added more pets (Accessible via donating or prestiges) (/pets gui)

- You are now able to sit down by right clicking a slab or a stair (prestiges get the /sit and /lay command)

- Money per job kill for Zombified Piglins have been buffed slightly

Update S3 1.5 - Revival Part 1

- Removed a lot of unnecessary blocks on /shop

- Buffed bamboo, sugarcane, cactus, blaze powder/rods

- Removed Redstone section in /shop

- Buffed jobs slightly

- Increased rank prices to adjust for prestiges and eco inflation and prestiges in the upcoming updates

- Drugs that were sold by the Dealer are now craftable on /crafts

- The entire enchantment system has been changed from Master Enchantments to the traditional /enchanter system, where you buy a random enchant for a certain amount of exp. (/e or /enchanter)

- Player market has been removed in favor of Auction House.

- Server logo has been updated (created by Vohki)

Update S3 1.4 - More things

- Added ability to teleport to your grave for $5,000

- Max McMMO level increased to 5,000 (will take effect on restart)

- Added the :phrog: emoji in the Discord

- Rebuffed Blaze Powder to $2.25

- Rebuffed Blaze rods to $4

- Reduced Job payout per enderman kill

- Reduced Ender pearl price to $3.75

- Removed the following plugins: Cheques, CoinFlip, DualWield, Duels (broken), Harbor (gamerule in mc has this), Ping

Update on the Bedrock test: the test has concluded and will end at 1AM EST. Bedrock players will be able to join after that server restart.

Results: Bedrock players are NOT the culprit of the major time outs and crashes.

Update S3 1.3 - Many things

- Fixed /back

- Added cracked stone bricks to the shop

- The Deep Dark Dimension is now claimable, BUT you can only claim 4 chunks away from the spawn point.

- Sugarcane price has been raised to $5.60

- You can now bake glass from a blast furnace

- Lowered /wv price

- Blaze powder lowered to $1.25

- Blaze rods lowered to $2

- Money per Blaze kill doubled for the Hunter job.

- Bamboo price raised to $0.65

- Lowered Tropical fish price to $50

- Lowered Pufferfish price to $25

- Added Wither Rose to shop

- Changed the drinks in the Bartender

- Moved the Dealer and changed his item

- Added a Deep Dark rule with various clauses.

Also, Tuesday, 10/19 at 1 AM EST, Jobs will be temporarily removed to see if that is the main source of lag and crashes.

Start: Oct 19 @ 1AM EST

End: Oct 20 @ 1 AM EST

Update S3 1.2 - Eco changes once more

- Lowered bamboo sell price to $0.45

- Increased Sugarcane price to $5.5

- Increased Wheat price to $6.3

- Lowered Blaze Rod price to $5

- Lowered Blaze Powder price to $2.25

- Increased Melon price to $6.25

- Increased Pumpkin price to $6

- Increased Jobs payouts for Miner and Farmer.

Also, to test whether GeyserMC is the culprit of most of the server lag we are holding a test day. This will occur on Monday, October 18th starting at 1AM EST. This will mean that Bedrock players will no longer be able to join until the following day.

Start: 10/18 @ 1AM EST

End: 10/19 @ 1AM EST

Update S3 1.1 - Eco + Lag Fixes

- Raised Diamond buy price to: $653

- Raised Diamond sell price to: $100

- Lowered Bamboo sell price to: $1.20

- Raised Nether War sell price to: $6.93

- Raised Cactus sell price to: $4

- Raised Sugarcane sell price to: $5

- Raised Chorus Flower sell price to: $27

- Raised Cocoa Bean Price to: $4.5

- Added Budding Amethyst to the shop

- Re-Added Jobs to test lag.

- You can place a redstone block under a powered rail to make minecarts go faster than vanilla.

- Removed Red and Brown Mushrooms in shop.

Season 2 news

Update S2 2.5 - The Catch Up

- Added ChunkHoppers to the server. Rank Noble is allowed to place one, and Earl is allowed to place 4. You can purchase one from /buyhopper

- Added requirements for Content Creator Rank in #server-info

- Added condensed Cobblestone, Dirt and Netherrack. This can be crafted like a diamond block and uncrafted like diamonds.

- Zombified Piglins now give money from the Hunter job

- The time until a surrender during SiegeWar takes effect has been lowered to 4 hours from 12.

- The radius for a Siege banner has been reduced from 150 blocks to 50 blocks due to close towns being induced in war sickness while being in their town.

Update S2 2.4 - Revisions 3

- Added a new Battle Session at 16:10UTC

- Battle Sessions have been added to #server-info

- Removed ability to use Elytras while combat tagged

- Removed ability to teleport away while combat tagged

- Reduced upfront cost per plot for SiegeWar by half ($15,000xPlot# to $7,500xPlot#)

- Ender Pearls have been nerfed from $9.75 > $6.75

- Sugarcane has been buffed from $4.50 > $4.95

- Added MonstersInc music disc on /musicbox

- Buffed the Experience Enchantment slightly (chance and XP payout)

Update S2 2.3 - Revision 2

- /ah has been removed in favor of /warp pmarket (place where you can create a shop plot and sell your things)

- A new War Rules section has been created on /rules

- The Toxicity rule has been changed to be specific. This may change.

- Added Moss Blocks, Tuff and Calcite to the shop

- Added Custom Music Disc tracks (/musicbox and /musicbox shop to buy discs)

Update S2 2.2 - Revisions

- Decreased Siege time from 72 hours down to 24 hours.

- Temporarily removed Player Market, and other unnecessary plugins

- Added PlayerVaults. Unlockable at Knight rank, and increases per rank. (/pv)

- Added Trident to Token Shop to replace Netherite Scraps (/ts)

- Increased price of Supply Crate keys on Token Shop

- Updated the entire store to be accessible from the actual website and ease of use. Enjin will no longer be used. (/buy or /store)

Update S2 2.1 - Extras

- Added the chance to get an Elytra and Dragon Head from the Enderdragon (35% and 25% chance)

- Added the #drama channel

- Added Dual Wielding to hopefully allow bedrock users to be able to use their offhand

- Added a CoMayor rank in towns with the SAME PERMS. Only give this to a person you trust.

- Added a /endportal command for people who do not know how to get to the End.

- Nerfed Cocoa Beans from $6 to $1.5

Update S2 2.0 - The Big One

- Changed War system to SiegeWar from FlagWar (Use /war to see menu and /sw guide to see the guides)

- Removed all mob stacking aside from Blazes to lower lag

- Created a new /war menu for SiegeWar

- Bedrock Players can now place/break blocks above the Nether roof

- Fixed Job Exploit reported by Florence_Gamer

- Added The Angler NPC to the fishing hut area in spawn.

- Re-Added The Dealer NPC which can sell different drug types per week. Every week, he moves locations.

- Lowered Copper prices.

- Buffed Fisherman job slightly

Update S2 1.9 - Miscellaneous 1

- Updated server IP in #server-info

- Disabled explosion regen in Resource World

- Added Sponge to /shop

- Added Ice to /shop

- Added a Master Enchantment List with descriptions to /me

- Revised the format for Leaderboards on /website

- Lowered buy price for Bones from $14 to $10

- Increased vote reward from $500 -> $1000

- All new server updates will now go to #server-updates

Update S2 1.8 - The Gone Fishin' Update

Howdy y'all, in this update we've decided to have an update that Mojang will likely never give us, a fishing update!

In this update, we've added three new Master Enchantments which revolve around fishing. We have also created a new fishing hub area at spawn for players to fish at. To open Master Enchantments, do /me

We have also increased Fisherman Job payout slightly.

We have also created a Donate option in the server store for those who already have the Donator ranks and want to still support the server!

Updates on the SiegeWar plugin: We are not pushing this update for today because it can cause issues with towny if we add it while players are online, so therefore we are going to release it sometime this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

Update S2 1.7 - The War Update

Hey guys, we've approved a lot of suggestions, and now its time to add them.

First, we've completely revamped the entire war system, so people can have more fun and with an easier to use menu. We've increased the reward for winning one chunk slightly, as well as defending from an attack. To open the war menu, do /war

Next, we have completely revoked the rule stating that the Town mayor must be online to start a war. We have also changed the Inappropriate Build rule slightly.

Update S2 1.6 - The Year 2 Update

This update has come about due to many suggestions and the fact that Emerald Earth turned 1 year old on August 14th!

First, we have brought back DailyRewards after a long time without it. This time around, there are also Weekly and Monthly rewards that are unlocked by achieving rank Knight and Baron. /rewards to access the menu.

Next, we've added a Proximity Voice Chat to the server! To do this, you must link your minecraft account to your discord account. To link your accounts, type /discord link while on the server, then send the 4 digit code to @Emerald Earth Bot to have your accounts synced. Next, join the Lobby voice channel, and then get within ~80 or so blocks of somebody to be moved to a separate voice channel where only people in that radius can talk. This can be used for war, secrecy, events, and more.

Next, we've added actual Timber to the server, however, we have not yet found any plugins that allow leaves to automatically be broken.

Next, we've added a Telepathy enchantment which can allow drops to be teleported into your inventory instantly. This can be unlocked by completing the Element 115 quest on /me and clicking on the compass.

Next, we've added a Top 10 Players & Nations list from this entire year, going all the way back to August 14th, 2020. This can be found inside the building after the colored wool parkour. These choices were based on opinion, and server impact.

Finally, we have added a Year 1 tag into the game. You can get this tag simply by asking me, or Coixi, or making a ticket in the Discord. Everyone who has joined prior to August 14th, 2021 can get this.

Happy late birthday emerlads, its been a wonderful ride and i've had many fun experiences along the way :)

Update S2 1.5 - Cash money v2

Hey y'all, I know things have been slow lately but thats because i've gotten somewhat busy recently with school related activities, and work on my new server GlissMC (which you should definitely join if you're into original style SMPs)

First up, we're now allowing the Assistant town rank to have the ability to unclaim territory. This means town mayors must trust who they put in charge.

Next, we have raised the level cap for all McMMO skills from 100 to 500, so happy grinding y'all!

Finally, we have some eco changes. We've buffed Enderpearls to $9.50 and added Glow Inc Sacs to the shop.

Update S2 1.4 - Cash money

In this update, we're looking to increase player activity by also increasing economic output by buffing some items.


Bamboo >> $2.30

Cactus >> $3.75

Carrot & Potato >> $4.50

Sugarcane >> $4.50

Melon >> $6.50

Pumpkin >> $5.50

Blaze Powder >> $3.75

We have also removed the ability to do /news as nobody has been using it or caring about its existence, so if people resuggest it, we may add it back.

We have also officially readded 'right click harvest'! This time, we have decided to only allow it while holding a hoe, which will also take its durability down with it. (Harvesting while holding a hoe uses durability)

Also, Thursday 8/12/21 we are announcing some changes to the server itself and more.

Update S2 1.3 - Rank, death and sacs

Firstly, we're clarifying Town ranks and what goes with them.


- Tax exempt

- Ability to claim

- Ability to invite people to the town

- All plot commands

- /t toggle public

- Toggle ability to use switches

- Ability to bestow the Helper rank in the town

- Ability to outlaw a player from the town

- Ability to withdraw from the Town bank


- Tax exempt

- All plot commands

- Ability to set plot prices

- Ability to withdraw from the Town bank


- Ability to toggle the ability to use switches


- Ability to toggle a jail

- Ability to outlaw a player

We have also added Ink Sacs to the shop.

We have also added some new death messages. Have some more laughs!

Update S2 1.2 - Slime and Commands

We have now added slime to the shop in the 'mobs' section of the shop.

We have also removed the ability to use '/n leave' so politics can come into play more often.

Claiming prices have also been reduced slightly from $15 per chunk down to $12.5, and the percentage increase has been lowered from 1.4% to 1%. We have also added a cap on the claim price of $200,000 so that claims don't reach 9 sextillion.

Update S2 1.1 - Coinflip and Bugs

In this update, we have readded the old CoinFlipper plugin. This plugin allows you to start a bet on either heads or tails with a certain amount over $300, and there's a 50% chance of winning or losing.

We've also fixed a number of bugs, including the vanishing coal bug.