Custom Enchantments

Emerald Earth Custom Enchantments

Do /me to open the Master Enchantment menu. Click the compass to open the Quests menu to unlock enchantments. Click on the book icon to purchase unlocked enchantments for the cost of XP Levels.


On Emerald Earth, we have 7 ranks. These ranks can give you more permissions and cosmetics.

Use /ranks to rankup.

Ranks List & Price:

♢ = Money

  • Noble - 2,500 ♢

  • Knight - 10,000 ♢

  • Baron - 45,000 ♢

  • Earl - 100,000 ♢

  • Duke - 500,000 ♢

  • King - 1,000,000 ♢

  • Deity - 5,000,000 ♢


On the server, we use Towny Advanced to protect your land and stake your claim.

/t new - creates a new town (Requires 1k)

/n new - creates a new nation (Requires 5k and a town)

/t claim - claims a chunk

/t set name - sets a new town name

/t claim outpost - creates a claim outside of your plot

/t toggle mobs - toggles mob spawning in your claims

/t toggle pvp - toggles pvp in your claims


In this server, we use SiegeWar as the current war plugin which allows you to siege a town and fight them over long periods of time.

Open /war to see the warguide and the listed war rules.

Live Server Map

This server features a live dynmap of the server where anyone can view the entire map of the server and see where towns and nations are.

To view the map, go to this link: http://emeraldearth.xyz:6900/


On our server we have a token system (✪) that can buy various things including custom enchantments or items on the token shop (/ts). You can also purchase special tags by going to /tags.

To obtain Tokens, simply go to the Parkour by doing /warp parkour, or complete quests by doing /quests

Bedrock Compatibility

In our server, we also allow Bedrock users to join! Bedrock users can join using the exact same IP.

Bedrock port: 19132

Deep Dark Dimension

This is a dimension that is unlockable after achieving Baron rank. To unlock access to travel to the dimension, you must complete a quest-line given to you by The Miner NPC in spawn.

The Deep Dark dimension has many wonders, including multiplied ore spawn rates, stronger mobs, and a new armor set for you to craft.

You cannot claim or teleport while in the dimension. To get out, simply /spawn