Gaia News

Contains recent news updates since 1/5/22.

Season 1 news

Update S1 1.5 - Rebalance + Testing

- Added the Minecraft Rebalances plugin. This changes a few things regarding combat and repairing. Repairing with an anvil will no longer display the 'Too Expensive!' line and will allow you to continuously repair the item. Totems now have a cooldown of 2 seconds. Elytra and Pearls have a cooldown of 5 seconds upon getting hit by a player.

- Added the hsrails plugin. This allows you to go 4 times faster than normal on powered rails with redstone blocks under it.

- Testing for the Seasons plugin from polls has begun, and activated. This is a temporary plugin at the moment to see how people like it and respond to it. If it is heavily disliked, it will most likely get removed. Each season lasts for 30 in game days. An image below will show the seasons and their weather effects.

Update S1 1.4 - Towns

- Towns that are unable to afford upkeep will go into a 'bankrupt' state where some functions are no longer allowed until the upkeep has been paid. This stacks up to 1000 gold.

- Claim prices have been reduced.

Update S1 1.3.1 - Misc

- Reduced nation upkeep from 25 gold per town to 15. This should hopefully alleviate some stresses.

- Hopefully fixed the kicking bug that occurred which sent online players to the lobby with the error message 'kicked, sending you to a fallback server'

- Added more days to when Cyrus the Trader updates.

- Buffed religion perk values slightly.

Update S1 1.3 - SHIPS

- The Ships plugin has been added to the server, allowing you to create your own ship that can travel quickly. Only Waterships (regular ships) are enabled at this point. The steps required to build a ship are on the wiki.

Update S2 1.2 - Buffs

- Buffed some percentages of perks for Religions since populations are low at the moment.

- You can now claim up to 2 homes maximum.

- Lowered nation upkeep from 50 gold to 25

Update S1 1.1.3 - Misc

- Added Cyrus the Trader to spawn that has trades that update on certain days. This gives gold another use.

- Lowered levels required to create a religion from 50 to 40 and levels required to enhance from 100 to 75.

Update S1 1.1.2 - Wiki Updates

- The wiki has finally arrived for Gaia, explaining how to do many things. The wiki even contains details on the Brewery plugin.

Update S1 1.1.1 - Slight changes

- Town upkeep reduced from 5 Gold per 24 hours to 2.

- [Player] is no longer in front of the name in chat

- CombatLog plugin enabled

- Added an extremely rare Deity event that may spawn a new monument with more lore (pls try to shape your religion around some of it, itd be really cool)

Update S1 1.1 - Fixes and additions

- Fixed a bunch of bugs

- Added ChestShops which function the exact same as Earth

- Removed Vanilla recipe for Gold ingots from nuggets.

- You can now only craft Raw Gold from 27 gold nuggets. (3 in one slot for all 9)

- Player rank color will now be yellow