Emerald Earth Rules

All players AND staff members are expected to follow these or else punishment ensues.

If you see any rulebreakers, report them to staff!

Gameplay Rules

Gameplay Rules

Griefing - Griefing is disallowed unless it is your property. Do not worldgrief. Map arts are fine if you ask the owner/co owner. Griefs that occur outside of claims or within ghost claims (see towny rules) are permitted.

Scamming - Don't scam, even on /ah. Do not flip or exploit the shop. Tell staff first! Do not sell heads on Auction House.

Inappropriate Builds - Building things such as swastikas for cultural use is permitted, but creating things just to be racist, sexist, or sexual is not permitted. You may make penis structures like a 3 tall 3 wide block formation, but no obvious parts. Such as here.

Spawn Traps - Trapping your town spawn is not allowed. No trapping the warps. Trapping the town spawn is encasing the town spawn with a trap such as a void pit, lava, or a killer, or a chamber which you can be killed. You cannot kill the player who is within a box if built.

Lagging the server - Not. Allowed.

Exploits, Hacks, or Cheats - Xray(Even looking up coordinates to ores or downloading the map and seeing where everything is), Reach, Baritone, AutoClicker, Scaffold, Fly, and any other hacks are not allowed. Duping is not allowed. No using Pearls or glitches to see caves. Do not try to exploit the economy. If you find an exploit/bug/glitch, please report it to staff!

AFKing - Allowed up to 10 minutes. No AFK machines/pools or AFK Fish farms. No attempting to bypass the afk kick.

Alternate Accounts - You are permitted to have one Java Edition alt, and one Bedrock alt. Only ONE may be online at a time, either Java or Bedrock. They may not be used to: collect daily/weekly/monthly rewards, load chunks for farms, farm for skill XP, boost for money and heads, or job xp, boost for custom items, or cheat.

Privacy - Leaking information, photos, or anything related to doxxing is NOT allowed. Impersonation, even of staff, is not allowed.

Stealing - Allowed unless cheats or hack, or moderation permissions are used.

Toxicity - Do not threaten someone with real life harm. Do not boss people around for items. This server is for fun, don't be hateful! keep in mind, there is geopolitics, so don't get too mad at it, we may not take action on geopolitical things.

Combat Teleporting - Don't teleport away when you fight somebody unless your combatlogx timer has expired.

TP Killing - Disallowed.

Combat Logging - You may not log out if you are PVPing or being hunted and/or killed. This only applies to the timer of CombatLogX plugin. If a player logs after, this rule is void.

Head Hunting - Do not hunt players down just to kill them and steal their things. This rule only applies to those who joined within 3 hours. There have been plenty of instances of people quitting over being hunted and having their stuff stolen.

Slavery - Why does this have to be a rule? You may not have slaves.

Money - Paying/hiring someone to break the rules is not permitted.

Custom Tag - Users with the Custom Tag are not allowed to copy history tags, limited time tags, or regular tags. The donator tags (Femboy, GayCommie, etc) are allowed to be used as they are included in the pack.

Religion - You are not allowed to create an Inquisition Office if you are not a founder of a religion. You may not spam the declaration messages.

Skills - Do not make farms for skills. Example, creating a pod where skeletons shoot you endlessly to gain toughness stat.

Blocking a Grave - You may not encase or block off a Grave with any material or liquid.

Ransoms - You may not have a ransom for any amount that exceeds $25,000. This includes graves.

Images on Maps - No gore, NSFW or Hentai or anything that breaks any other existing rule. No swastikas.

Mob Farms/Grinders - You may NOT use vines or ladders in order to bypass the entity cramming limit.

Towny Rules

Towny Rules

Property - Whoever owns that piece of land (if they unclaimed it, it's still theirs for 1 hour.) can dictate what goes on in that territory. Ex: Evicting/griefing a plot in your territory is allowed. However, if the chunk is won in war, this rule is void.

Power - If you happen to have a capable amount of power, do not force around smaller towns/nations hatefully.

Claiming - You may claim 50 blocks or more away from the main end island. You may not claim within 3 chunks of another player's nation's town unless permission is given (unless the chunk is won in war)

Ghost Claims - Ghost claims are claims that appear on the map that are not in game. These are completely griefable and lootable.

Misc 1 - Do not join a town, steal their things and break their blocks, then leave the town. 24 hours is the maximum time for protection.

Inactivity - If a player is inactive for more than 16 days, their town will be deleted unless stated to the owner or co owner.

War Rules

War Rules

Spawnkilling - Spawnkilling is not allowed. This includes a bed, or the town spawn. HOWEVER, holding a particular point where the siege banner is placed is allowed within 25 blocks, just do not camp at a player's bed.

Attacking - Towns may be attacked without any players online.

Griefing - Griefing is not allowed within claims, however, if a siege is happening outside of a claim, placing, and breaking blocks are allowed. Do not lava the area or trap the area.

Neutrality - Do not force around new towns/nations that are on a cooldown after being created.

Evading - If you are in a war, you cannot delete your town to escape a war. You may not delete your town or nation to avoid being occupied or plundered.

Server Chat Rules

"ist or phobic" words - Don't be racist, homophobic or sexist. Do not say slurs such as: faggot, retard, fag, etc or add tard to things.

Politics - Some politics allowed, but within moderation. Ex: Trump 2020 or Biden 2020 is fine, but no arguments or fights.

Spamming - No spamming.

Language - Speak English in the main chat. You are permitted to speak other languages if you create a party using /party

Advertising - No advertising any other servers, or stealing players.

Minimodding - Don't minimod.

Pedo things - do not mention or call anyone a pedophile or involve anything with that sort of activity.

discord Rules

Nation Channel - You may only post your nation/town's advertisement every 3 days. So, if you post it on Monday, you may post your next one on Thursday. If this rule isn't followed after a warning, permission to advertise in the channel will be revoked.

Spamming - Not allowed.

NSFW - Not allowed. Jokes are somewhat permitted but nothing too intense. Gore is NOT allowed at all.

Advertising - No advertising any other servers, or stealing players.

Toxicity - Don't be toxic.

Language - Speak English in the chats please.

"ist or phobic" words - Don't be racist, homophobic or sexist.

Raiding - Raiding is not allowed. This consists of multiple people joining the Discord server with intent on harming the server integrity or annoying members.